Kidney Transplant Process

Kidney Transplant Process 

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 The kidney transplant process starts by talking to your doctor or nurse for consultation about having a kidney transplant. Your doctor will refer you to Halifax Health - Center for Transplant Services. Our center will work with you and your dialysis social worker in completing the necessary forms.

We will send you a letter letting you know that we received your information and referral and we will be contacting you shortly. You will then be contacted by our staff for additional information and to arrange for an appointment.

You can also feel free to refer yourself for a kidney transplant evaluation. Call us directly, toll free, at 1-888-340-HH4U (1-888-340-4448). You can request an application packet for yourself or for a loved one who may benefit from a kidney transplant. You can also send your completed application packet via fax to: 386.947.4690.

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The Kidney Transplant Evaluation Process

The evaluation of potential kidney transplant candidates will include a health assessment. After we have received your transplant application and requested medical information, most candidates will be scheduled for a transplant education class and an "Evaluation Day" at the outpatient transplant center. On evaluation day you will have two medical evaluations, one by the Transplant Nephrologist and one by the Transplant Surgeon. You will also meet with other members of the transplant team including your clinical transplant coordinator, your dietician, and your transplant social worker. Your family members or potential caregivers must accompany you on your evaluation day.

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On Evaluation Day, you will have routine blood work completed in our center. We ask that you be sure to be up-to-date on cancer screening tests recommended by the AMA such as a colonoscopy, a PSA (for males), a mammogram and a pap-test (for females). Routine screening may point out a need for further medical evaluation.

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Team Meetings and Patient Selection

Before kidney transplant candidates have their final, pre-transplant tissue-typing test, the Transplant Team will meet in a "Patient Selection Committee" to discuss candidates' and living donors' readiness for transplant. The Selection Committee will consider the candidates' medical, financial and psychosocial information compiled during the application and evaluation process. The Transplant Surgeon and Transplant Nephrologist will present the findings of their medical evaluations, as well. The Selection Committee will determine if a given candidate needs further medical or psychological assessment and if the candidate has adequate social and financial support to pursue transplantation. If the candidate appears ready for transplant at this time, he or she will be called to come back to the transplant center for tissue typing Then the patient will be placed on the UNOS waiting list and/or scheduled for living donor transplant surgery.

If the patient Selection Committee finds that a kidney transplant candidate is not medically or psychologically ready for transplant, a plan may be devised to help the patient get ready for transplant. The candidate will be advised of any medical testing or treatments that may still be needed before the patient can be placed on the waitlist. Please feel free to ask the transplant coordinators any questions that you have about the waitlist.

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