Grief and Bereavement Services

At Halifax Health – Hospice we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to grieve.   Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time.  Grief is a completely natural and expected reaction, and people can greatly benefit from bereavement services. 

Our comprehensive Bereavement (Grief Support) Program is committed to offering grief support to those who have had a loved one die under our care.  This can last up to a year following the death or sometimes longer.  We also extend our services to persons in the community who have had a death in their family.    

Our Bereavement Program has very specialized services for Children including Centers and a weekend camp and other targeted activities.  Our Traumatic Loss Program serves those whose loved one has experienced a death due to homicide, accident, suicide, war, terrorism or natural disaster. 

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  • Adult Programs

    At Halifax Health – Hospice, our bereavement counselors have earned a Master’s Degree and have completed specialized training in grief counseling.  They provide individual and family counseling as well as a number of group sessions.  Many find group sessions especially helpful as they can meet others who have experienced a recent loss.  Groups offered include New Beginnings, a 7-week program and Reflections which is social and supportive by design.  A Young Widows/Widowers group provides special support for this population.

    Our goal is to support the bereaved through a difficult time and provide them with the skills to cope.   Bereavement services are available for up to a year and sometimes longer.  The hope is that when it is time for discharge from the program that it will have been a positive and helpful experience. 

    Our bereavement counselors are located throughout our service areas.  For more information contact 386.425.4738

  • BeginAgain Children’s Program

    At Halifax Health - Hospice, we believe that children deserve the opportunity to grieve after the death of a loved one and have designed programs specifically to meet their needs.

    The Lawrence E. Whelan BeginAgain Children’s Grief Centers provide a safe and child-friendly environment.  Modeled after the DougyCenter in PortlandOregon, this hospice-related program encourages grief expression in ways best suited for children and teenagers.  Some of the activities include support groups, art, drama, music and physical activity. 

    Children from age 4 -18 who have experienced the death of someone close to them are eligible to participate.  Consent of a parent or legal guardian is required.  An orientation will be scheduled prior to group registration to complete paperwork, learn more about our program and tour our facility. 

    Our counselors are Master’s level therapists and specially trained in children’s grief and there is a team of highly trained and dedicated volunteers.

    We have specialized Children’s Centers in Daytona Beach/ Flagler Beach (call 386.425-3100) and Deland (call 386.425.9889 or 386.425.9885).  Please download the brochure for additional information. 

  • Hearts & Hooves Family Day Camp

    Recently awarded the Excellence in Program Innovation - Community Outreach Winner Award by the Florida Hospice & Palliative Care Association, Hearts & Hooves is an outreach activity for children, teens and their families who have experienced the death of a loved one.

    Horses are great teachers and simply being in the presence of their peaceful and gentle nature can provide relief from the struggles of grieving a loved one’s death. Grief is a painful process and each individual deals with grief in their own unique way. Horses have an instinctive ability to mirror a human’s style of interaction and coping process. Spending time with horses can provide emotional healing and help individuals understand their own coping processes and how their interactions affect others.

    Hearts & Hooves is a day camp for families and their children ages 8 and older who have experienced the death of a loved one. The camp offers expression of grief through art and ground-based equestrian activities. Through interaction with the horses, campers will realize they are not alone in their grief and their feelings are normal. A healing family ritual will be held at the end of camp to remember loved ones.


    ArtquestSchool of Art & Design
    571 Leeway Trail Ormond Beach, FL32174

    For more information, please call 386.425.4738.

  • Camp BeginAgain

    CampBeginAgain is an annual weekend retreat offered by The Lawrence E. Whelan BeginAgain Children’s GriefCenter. It offers fun activities combined with sharing times to create an atmosphere where children can express their feelings and know they are not alone in their grief. The camp is staffed with trained volunteers and clinical staff to supervise and ensure the safety of the campers.

    Who can participate?

    Children and teens, ages 6-18, who have recently experienced the death of a loved one are welcome to attend. Families are invited to attend the Closing Ceremony.

    To register, complete a camper application and mail it to the BeginAgain Children’s GriefCenter nearest you. Camper applications are available through your school counselor or by calling the BeginAgain Children’s GriefCenter at

    Camp BeginAgain Flyer


    898 Camp Winona Road
    DeLeon Springs, FL32130

    For more information, please contact Cintia Ribar at 386.425.3100.  

    At Halifax Health - Hospice, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to grieve. Children often are thought to be too young to understand and cope with their grief. However, if given the proper support and understanding, children have a natural capacity to grieve and heal.

    For more information, please click here.

  • Halifax Health Traumatic Loss Program

    The Halifax Health - Hospice Traumatic Loss Program is the only program in the State of Florida designated specifically to meet the needs of those bereaved by a sudden, unnatural death. These specialized services are offered to residents who have experienced a loss due to homicide, suicide, accidents, line of duty, war, terrorism, or natural disaster. This unique program provides a safe, supportive environment that promotes growth, healing and resilience for those traumatically bereaved. 

    This program is available to all ages and offers a wide array of services including individual and family counseling, therapeutic support groups, and commemorative events throughout the year. Flexible scheduling is offered during the business week and program sites are located throughout Volusia, Flagler, and Orange/Osceola Counties for ease of service accessibility.

    Our Trauma Informed Counselors hold various certifications and specializations in the field of grief, trauma, and spirituality that lend a unique perspective when working with those traumatically bereaved and practice evidenced -based approaches.

    The HH - H Traumatic Loss Program considers it an honor to be able to be to accompany you along your journey. Please call us at 386.425-3339 to learn more information about how we can help.

  • Pet Loss

    Halifax Health – Hospice understands that the loss of a pet can be devastating for an individual or a family. We offer a Pet Loss Support Group called Tender Paws.  This group is meant to offer emotional support and an opportunity to connect with other bereaved pet owners.  Please call for the dates and times at the location nearest you.  For DeLand area call 386.425.4852.  For Daytona Beach area call 386.425-3339.

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