Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Halifax Health - Re-New You

In 2013, Halifax Health launched a comprehensive wellness program with the goal of supporting a healthy lifestyle for employees by providing them with assessment tools, health and wellness programs, education and solutions. 

As the community healthcare leader, Halifax Health is commited to improving the health of Volusia and Flagler residents. In a concentrated effort to make a significant and positive impact, our employee wellness program was born.

The program has proven successful in delivering long-term results to individuals who participate. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we have created a program that utilizes all the medical, education, dietary and fitness resources available at Halifax Health.

As a member of the Halifax Health corporate wellness program, you will receive numerous benefits including health risk appraisals, personalized health reports, wellness screenings, educational resources and a dedicated team of health experts.

We encourage companies of all sizes to invest in the health of their employees. Doing so not only shows a commitment to protecting, supporting and enhancing their lives but also to creating a healthier future for their families and your company.

Take the first step towards making your workplace a healthier, happier and more productive one today. For more information, please email