Michelle Carter-Scott

"I am especially proud to be associated with a healthcare provider that makes it a priority to stay on top of the latest medical treatments, procedures and research," Michelle said.

Michelle supports Halifax Health - Foundation because she considers Halifax Health's commitment to the community outstanding. "Halifax Health is committed to providing the best in medical assistance to anyone who seeks it," she said.

Michelle encourages others to support Halifax Health - Foundation. "Halifax Health is constantly making strides in compassionate medical care for the people it serves," she said.


Mary Greenless

Mary Greenless serves on the Halifax Health - Foundation board because she believes "community involvement from the business sector is an essential component in making a difference in the technological growth of the healthcare system."

Mary will never forget her visit to Speediatrics at Halifax Health. She remembers the compassion displayed by Halifax Health staff as the young patients and their families struggled in hospital rooms. Mary believes she has a responsibility as a business leader and human being to give back to her community.

"Halifax Health serves this community by giving back to all of our citizens. I am truly amazed at how far Halifax Health has advanced the treatments of medical care and its use of state of the art equipment in surgical procedures," Mary said.


Bert Reames

"I live, eat and breathe Halifax Health," Bert Reames said.  Bert certainly has a passion for Halifax Health and its people, which he says have saved his life more than once. As the first President of Halifax Health - Foundation, Bert was instrumental in its formation.  Bert's involvement began more than 30 years ago when he donated money to Halifax Health in memory of a friend's daughter and the donation was placed into a general fund. "There was no way for me to distinguish my gift. I knew there could be a better way to recognize people who want to give in someone else's honor."

Bert remains active in the Halifax Health family and continues to give because he says it allows the staff to provide excellent care while using the best available tools. "Any donation, big or small, helps to improve services and save lives," he said.